Hometown: Medford, Long Island
What I Do: I make beats, smoke blunts and play ball
Favorite Part of It: The process and feeling you get when u hear the finished product
Year I Started: Last year
I Been Doin It For: Fun. Ive been involed in music since I was like 9 ive been in love ever since
Where I’m Trying To Go: As far as i can get
Inspiration: 9th Wonder.
Listen To This: Dream Merchant Vol.1- 9th wonder Hall Pass-Scienze
Love: Music, Good Weed and Basketball
Hate: Those Wack Ass mainstream Artists
Favorite Film: Saving Private Ryan, Pineapple Expess and He Got Game
Favorite Instrument: Bass and Piano
If I Wasn’t producing I’d Be: Taking basketball alot more serious


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